Startup Stories: 

Our mission is to capture the essence of 100 female entrepreneurs 

and share their inspiring stories with the world. We'll honor your tireless 

dedication while addressing your visibility and credibility challenges. 

The collection of stories and images will be printed in a 
project magazine and unveiled at an exhibit-styled event. 

In sharing these stories with the world, it sends a message, 
inspires and empowers.

If you're struggling to gain visibility and build credibility for your brand, 

we get it. We're startups, too. 

By joining us on this journey, we'll help you get the 

online visibility you deserve and help you build credibility. 

Join Us on This Journey of Celebration, Empowerment 
& Brand Building


It starts with...


Startup Stories Photographers Audrey Tappan and Angela Acocsta

Celebration No. 1: Your Portrait Experience

Step one in your celebration will be a portrait session that will make you feel like a celebrity. Picture yourself being photographed for Vanity Fair, with experts Angela and Audrey by your side. Their expertise lies in helping you feel comfortable and confident, guiding you through your poses and expressions. With their coaching, you can relax and truly enjoy the experience. And the best part? The result will be a stunning portrait you can cherish forever.

And continues with...

Your Story Gets Cred

Startup Stories Storytellers Alyssa Berthiaume and Carina Dietze

Celebration No. 2: Your Article Professionally Written

Imagine your article written by none other than award-winning author, Alyssa Y. Berthiaume. With her exceptional storytelling skills, Alyssa will craft a captivating narrative that delves into the essence of your story. Her expertise and creativity will ensure that the article not only highlights your achievements and milestones but also offers a unique perspective that resonates. Berthiaume's words will bring your journey to life.

Celebration No. 3: Your Story Published

When Carina Dietze, the founder of Moondust Magazine, features your portrait and article, the celebration truly continues. Carina's unwavering mission to amplify the voices and narratives of women resonates deeply. Through her platform, Carina creates a space where women can shine and be heard, and by featuring your portrait and article, she affirms the value of your experiences.  Carina's recognition becomes a catalyst for your greater visibility.

We finish with...

The Project Magazine Containing 100 Bootstrap Stories, Including Yours

100+ Reasons to Join Us

Startup Stories Cover for Your Media page
5 Channels to Build Your Brand

As a participant you will get your brand and story in front of your audience through several channels. 

Your two-page spread in the project magazine

Social Media Campaigns

Blogs Articles

A feature Moondust Magazine

Our Unveiling Event

100 Like-minded Women

Startup Stories is more than just a photography project, 

it's an opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit and 

make meaningful connections 

by sharing this journey with 

other participants, project collaborators and sponsors. 

We are bootstrap business owners like you. 

5 Sources of Empowerment

Be seen like never before.

Do something awesome for yourself.

Honor your unique Journey.

Empower other women with your story.

Stand in your power possitively and strong.

A Bad-ass Keepsake

You will receive a print copy of the Startup Stories project magazine which will include all 100 entrepreneurs. 

This keepsake will give back repeatedly because your photograph marks a particular moment in your journey as a woman and business owner. 

It will celebrate how much you've accomplished so far and remind you of your past self as you progress. 


Go Gold and include a Moondust Magazine cover and extra digital images.  Give your media page a credibility boost and set your brand apart from the competition. ​

Go Platinum and be interviewed by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer. Scream Your Dream™ to thousands of viewers on the This Is It TV website.​
Cheldin Bartlatt Rumer of This Is It TV
Cheldin's life goal is to help talented professionals not whisper their wishes but to SCREAM THEIR DREAMS! So the THIS IS IT NETWORK™ was born. She began producing her daily digital talk show that provides small business owners, industry leaders, and brand influencers a fun online platform to “comfortably” promote their businesses, products, and services while sharing lifestyle news and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit.
Startup Stories Strategist Melanie Cunningham
  • You must be a boot-strap business owner (franchisees do not qualify).
  • You agree to sign our model-release so we can use your image.
  • You agree to complete our questionnare so we can get your backstory.
  • You will work with us on scheduling.
  • You understand that this project will take time to complete. It's done when it's done.

Startup Stories is primarily in the Tri-State area, but if you are on the East Coast, we invite you to connect with us. We have photoshoots planned for the following cities. If you can get here, we'd love to photograph you.  

We will be in:
Saratoga Springs, NY
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL




Magazine-style Photoshoot
Digital Mockup of the Starup Stories magazine cover  (you get the corresponding digital)
Another digital image of your choice (total two digital images)
Pro article and feature in Moondust magazine (online edition)
Keepsake copy of the Startup Stories magazine with your two-page spread
Purchase Silver


Everything in SILVER 
Digital mockup of the Moondust magazine cover (you get the corresponding digital)
Another digital image of your choice (total four digital images)
Purchase Gold


Everything in GOLD 
Interview with Cheldin Bartlatt Rumer of This is It TV
Another digital image of your choice (total five digital images)
Purchase Platinum


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